How to participate / FAQs

Participating Is Easy – It's like Tinder for Theology!

The instructions are simple: Vote tweets up. Write yours down. Build your list & Post it! 

Voting on Tweets: 

Log in – To vote, you will be prompted to log in – it’s free, easy, and you can log in with your Twitter account. That way your votes get counted, and Tweets that you like get saved to your personal My 95 Tweets List.

Vote Up – If you like a tweet and it matches your experience with religion, it’ll get saved to your My 95 Tweets List (log in required)

Skip - If a tweet isn’t relevant to you, you can skip on to the next one. (no log in required)

Vote down – If a Tweet isn’t relevant to #95Tweets, vote it down. That way it won’t appear as often, and it help eliminate junk tweets that don’t pertain to this project. (log in required)

Write your own tweets:

If the Tweets you find don't tell your experience as well as you could, write your own! Don't forget the #95tweets hashtag, so this website can pick it up. To share your story, answer any of these questions:

What’s been your experience with religion?

What do they say that doesn’t make sense? 

What have you seen that you know isn’t right?

What have they done that’s been hurtful to you or someone you know?

What’s one thing they should stop doing?

What’s one thing they should start doing instead?

What do you wish they did better or more of?

Why might you choose not to go there anymore?

What have you found that's better?

Hashtags – This website picks up any tweets with the #95tweets hashtag. Tweets can be directed toward any religion or topic, and additional hashtags can make it easier for others to find them (i.e. #protestant, #catholic, #islam, #jewish, #mormon, #LGBTQ, etc). These hashtags can be added in the text of a Retweet as well. Tweets can also include “meme” pictures. 

Build your “My 95” Tweets List:

Any time you vote up someone’s Tweet, it gets added to your list. Also, any time you write a tweet with #95Tweets, it gets added to your list, which is on the “My 95” Tweets List page. There you can easily drag & drop them re-arrange them in whatever order you prefer, and you can manually type in the number where you would like a tweet to be listed.

Print and Share your 95 Tweets! 

When you’re ready to select the best tweets for your final list of 95, you can pick each one using the check box. From there it’s easy to share them as a PDF. If you're bold enough to take the Luther Challenge, and you can even print out your list and actually post it to the door of the house of worship of your choice…

Nailed it! (please only do this metaphorically, not literally!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Religion: Do all tweets have to be addressed to Christianity (or Catholicism) specifically? No, as long as you include the #95tweets hashtag, your tweets can address any religion or related topic. You can make it easier for people to find your tweet by including keywords or relevant hashtags (i.e. #protestant, #islam, #jewish, #mormon, #LGBTQ, etc), so it will show up when they us our Search function. As long as you include #95tweets in the Retweet, you can add extra hashtags Retweet text as well, and your original tweet will still get picked up by searches for those hashtags too. This can help you add extra hashtags if you run out of space given only 140 characters.

Character limit: What can I do when I run out of characters given the limit of 140? You can add more text to your tweet by Retweeting it, as long as you put #95tweets in the retweet as well. This is useful if you run out of space given only 140 characters. 

Retweeting: If I Retweet someone else's tweet, will it work? If you want to include a tweet by someone else on Twitter, or even respond to them, just Retweet it using #95tweets, and this website will pick up both of them and they will display together.

Replying: If I Reply to someone else's tweet, will it work? If you Reply to someone else's tweet and you include the #95tweets hashtag, your tweet will get picked up by this website, but their original tweet will not. To have them both appear together, you should Retweet it using the #95tweets hashtag.