About 95 Tweets

The 95 Tweets Project

This project is organized by the collaboration of a few individuals who act independently of any major organizations. This project endeavors to enable the collaborative, rational examination of the impact of religion, its doctrines, and its practices, in the skeptical tradition of Martin Luther. Religions have for centuries each claimed the monopoly on morality, and so we seek to examine the merits of that claim. Can a person be good with a belief in Luther's God? Can a person be good without a belief in Luther's God?

It should be noted that although the criticism of religion is inherent in this exercise, the intent of this project is NOT in any way to promote criticism of or discrimination against individual people, no matter what religion they do or do not practice. As far as this project is concerned, criticisms of religion are fair game; however, personal attacks against people are not.

We promote the search for the truth, the respect for people's prerogative to each live life in their own way, and the acknowledgement that, with love and tolerance, there is room enough for all of us this planet we share.


The organizers of this project assume no liability for the actions of individual participants. All participants should carefully consider the impact of what they write on other people, and participants retain all responsibility for their own actions. Statements expressed by participants do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or positions of 95 Tweets Project organizers.


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